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Winners only!

Time to celebrate the achievements of my talented friends! Let’s get spinnin’…

‘Mr G’ takes a break, for the paparazzi. Autographs later, alligator!

< Geraint Lewis of Saundersfoot,  West Wales.

Geraint recently won a coveted place in the all-star Cleddau Warriors Under-12 football team.

This fearless striker leaves mayhem in his wake and will SHRED your defence!

Known to his friends as ‘Mr G’ (and ‘Here He Comes Again!’ to trembling opponents), Geraint is carving himself a reputation across the green, green grass of South Pembrokeshire, where ‘G’ is for goal, in YOUR net, I’m afraid! 3 cheers for Geraint! You’ll Never Spin Alone!

Adrian Scanteie – top of the class with his ‘Duckling Diploma’. What a brainbox : )

< Next .. take a bow… Adrian Scanteie, of Magura, Transylvania, Romania!

Adrian has been working hard all year at school and it paid off recently when he came FIRST! This earned him the very special ‘Diploma de Bobocel’ (‘Duckling’s Diploma’) and a beautiful wreath of wildflowers.

According to Whopperpedia, the floral tribute goes right back to Roman times, and Julius Caesar won one, when he was a Duckling. So, watch out, because Adrian will conquer your heart! (and then your island).

I know Adrian as ‘Adi Mic’, meaning “Adi Junior” (his Tata is Adrian too, and Mama is Adriana, how about that!). So, 3 cheers Adi Mic, and good luck with your sparkling academic career!

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