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Reviews below from Amazon.

Sarah Hoss a mother-of-3 writes:

“This delightful children’s book is beautifully illustrated and tells the story of a little wind turbine dealing with the trials and tribulations of life along with the debate about wind energy. The characters come to life quickly and all ends well, with some gentle leg-pulling of authority along the way, which primary age children would really enjoy. Perfect for introducing some social and environmental concepts, along with an emphasis on kindness and family.” (for Sarah’s complete review, see below)

EssBee writes
Makes me want to have more kids. I read the preview chapters and wished that my three grown up children were alot younger. Its not often that a children’s book comes along that is so funny and connects to the modern world in such a way as to lead to further discussion and enquiry. Loved the silly names. especially.

Nick Supple writes …
A jewel of a book! Thoroughly recommended. Beautifully written and illustrated book for children from (I would estimate) 5 years up to the age of 10/11…My son is nearly 11 years old and has a pretty advanced reading ability for his age. His normal literary diet consists of Percy Jackson and ‘Potter’ etc; but he loved Spinner, and, having eagerly read it himself, immediately asked me to read it to him again! Through funny, intelligent writing and well developed characterisation, Mike Ormsby succeeds in creating a delightful story for our times without in any way patronising or manipulating his readers. The superb illustrations are wonderfully detailed and instructive in themselves, and were one of the key factors in my son’s enjoyment of the book. It’s a lovely piece of work and as a parent who likes to see his kids enjoying good books, I’d totally recommend it.

J. Cooper writes:
This is an exceptional book, my mother bought it as a present for my cousin. I was immediately taken by the bright cover, which enticed me to read on. I’m glad that I did! The book has some great characters, with even better names, such as Sergeant Slammer. The illustrations were brilliant which gave the storyline a whole new dimension, especially the colouring section at the back of the book. I passed wind turbines on my travels which instantly reminded me of Spinner, I wish that the book had been availible when I was younger!

LoopyLu writes:
This is a fantastic book! A brilliantly told tale of a friendly wind turbine who saves the day! With lovable characters, a lot of laughs, dramatic events and fabulous illustrations, this book is a page turner even for the adults. It is great to see a children’s story touching on an important environmental theme and introducing the young reader to the concept of renewable energy in a fun and digestible way. Spinner the winner should be read in every primary school. Top marks 🙂

JMartindale writes:
Lovely book for someone of a young age, would fully recommend for any parents of young children. I don’t have any children myself but bought this for my nephew and read the whole thing in one sitting, he wouldn’t let me finish! The story is great but of particular note are the illustrations which are outstanding, when you do read this to your young ones make sure you show them the accompanying pictures which are done in a beautiful hand drawn style that never failed to please! 5 stars, would recommend to anyone (especially children obviously!)

Sarah Hoss’ complete review:
This delightful children’s book is beautifully illustrated and tells the story of a little wind turbine dealing with the trials and tribulations of life along with the debate about wind energy while finding himself far from family and the place he wants to call home. The characters come to life quickly and all ends well, with some gentle leg-pulling of authority along the way which primary age children would really enjoy. This book is perfect for introducing some social and environmental concepts, along with an emphasis on kindness and family. My 10 year old is really enjoying the story. As with all good books for reading and sharing, there’s some play on words and jokes along the way that will give parents a smile too.

Spinner is a sweet and loveable new character which will win the hearts of his readers. The book is also available as a colouring-book – what a good idea! Many children want to colour in their reading books. This time they can without being told off! The full -colour edition also has colouring-in pages at the back.

I knew before reading that this book was something to do with a little wind turbine and the debate about installing them in sensitive locations (a debate that has been well-aired here in Wales) and that the author was inspired to write it after seeing wind turbines in Wales. They have become part of the landscape – some large installations along the coast, while others (like Spinner) are smaller units placed in local farms and businesses. As the debate continues, this book introduces the concept in a novel and accessible way which children in cities as well as the countryside will be able to relate to. A little leg-pulling of the way society is becoming safety-obsessed – and messages about what happens if you behave badly – all good to have included in a book for competent child readers.

A lovely, happy story with lively illustrations. I’m happy to recommend this book as a present for 6-12 year old’s wherever they live. The question is…will there be a sequel?

Reviews from

Tired of shopping writes…
My kids wouldn’t let me stop reading Spinner, and both were entranced (including the 3 year old!) until the very end. My 7 year old can manage to read most of the words, and both kids are attracted to the bright and entertaining illustrations. Written to appeal to young and old, with a good dash a drama as well as humor, Spinner is a real hit in our household. Unlikely but loveable hero.

Cristian “Cristian” (New York) writes…
Great children’s book!The story is simple and the illustrations are so cute. I read this story over and over again to my six year old and he loves it every time. Moreover, he read the book to me successfully. It is short, simple and makes you and your kids smile and laugh. A great bedtime story, too. Highly recommended!

Vera (New York) writes..
Full of funny details,`Spinner the Winner’ is a big hit in our house. My young son and daughter loved the story and the excellent pictures, full of funny details, some they only spotted second time round. I enjoyed reading it out and the little jokes for parents. Lots of pages and lively characters, Riley Rules’ cat is our favorite. Also the funny map and some black & white bits for coloring. Next day we passed a turbine and my youngest said there’s Spinner. A great deal. Recommend it. When’s the DVD?

Laura from Bucharest writes (by private email)…

“I promised myself to read only 1 free chapter and then go back to work, but i finished all 6, the story is adorable! congrats on the very good job, can’t wait to read it on the kindle when it’s ready.”

Angus and Donnie Macaulay (Scotland) wrote on Amazon UK …

“Dear Mike, we really enjoyed your book, especially the funny names like Betty Baker and Wottapong street. We liked when Spinner got back to the beach and we enjoyed the colouring in. Mummy liked the Ormsby puns! x”

[, 5-stars, Amazon]

“This is a brilliant children’s read. It is contemporary, engaging and a “must have” on every child’s Christmas list. My copy was for my 8 year old nephew and has been enjoyed by a range of adults before it reached its rightful owner. Working in a school I can foresee that “Spinner” would engage even the most reluctant reader and it will certainly be promoted in our library. Highly recommended.”

 rhinosurfpunk writes..

“Mike Ormsby departs from his insightful and witty observational writing as a Brit in Romania to launch his first assault on childrens fiction.

The wit remains – it’s truly pun-tastic (my favourite being the ghosts who for reasons I won’t go into here have to ‘give up the boos’). Clearly though, Ormsby is trying to be more serious, and he manages this, despite the light and easy writing and the colourful and cheery illustration by Sorin Sorasan. The writer has come down hard on the side of the wind turbine in the debate which vexes many of a progressive disposition – clean energy or unacceptable winged blob on the landscape?

Ormsby’s trying to get them onboard early, and I hope he succeeds. An excellent read for pun-dits of all ages.”  []

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  1. Theodore Sekwane

    I felt that it is a real issue and the author did a great job of addressing the issue to the people and children. He also gave many solutions. The book was interesting because it was funny as well as sad. Mike used very straight forward words. I loved his use of alliteration for the names of characters,if there is a sequel of the book I’d love to read it.

    Theodore Sekwane 5a Baku Oxford School
    23rd May,2013.


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