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Morisca fara Frica

Morisca fara Frica’ means ‘The Fearless Whirligig’. This Romanian edition is available from Book Depository UK (free shipping worldwide) or any Amazon site.

You can read some free chapters below, just click to enlarge!

morisca fara frica stop nelu Nelu lunch storm papica papica newspaper

In December 2012, the Romanian Wind Energy Association (RWEA), the Czech company CEZ and the French company GDF Suez ordered 1,100 copies of Morisca to give away as gifts to children in areas with wind farms, as part of their CSR/awareness-raising.

We are grateful to Ema Jalbă-Șoimaru & Vlad Arghir for the excellent translation; to Ada Petre for her beady eye; to Monica Bildea for helping us find the right name and to illustrator Sorin Sorasan for adapting his images and layout from the English original. And finally, did you know…

240 wind turbines in Fantanele-Cogealac, Romania, are now connected to the grid. Capacity is 600 MW, which makes it the largest continental wind park in Europe, supplying power to over 1 million Romanian households p.a. Learn more from our buddies at CEZ:

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