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Focus groups

In 2012, prior to publication, we had fun discussing the nuts, bolts and squeaks of Spinner the Winner with some friends. See below for faces & places. It was a breeze working together, and everyone had an interesting opinion!

Above, left to right: Ilinka, Irina, Mark & Steven. Also Nicole Nicoara (visiting from Zurich); Spinner (that’s me, on the Mac!) and author Mike Ormsby. Photos taken in Magura, Transylvania by Angela Nicoara (publisher).

Next, some nice photos from our focus group in breezy England…!

Above, our big buddy Dan Supple in London offers Mike some helpful suggestions.

Below, saying goodbye. L-R Angela Nicoara; Dan & mum Damaris; Mike. Photo by Dan’s father Nick Supple, super-snapper! (Nick and Mike have been buddies since they were 6 years old. Time flies when you’re having fun : )

And now back to Romania!

In our third focus group, we discussed Spinner with Luca & Lara Wolfe-Murray in Bucharest, during Lara’s birthday party. HRH Queen Elizabeth II declined to comment. Photos by sharp-eyed papa Rupert Wolfe-Murray

I hope you enjoyed these nice photographs of my smart and helpful friends. If you have any photos for my blog, please send to: Thank you and have a breezy day!


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