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School tour: Baku

Spinner made lots of new friends during his visit to Baku Oxford School. Author Mike explained how turbines work, read from the book and signed copies afterwards. Mr Geoff Ward (Principal) and Mrs Sarita Vaid (English Departmen) hosted a memorable day. Thank you Geoff and Sarita! Also, thank you Aygun, Ahmed, Anna, Alina, Anar, Celin, Enna, , Dinara, Heydar, Huseyn, Ibrahim, Jomard, Kama, Laman, Leyli, Melis, Mina, Maryan, Murad, Mia, Narmin, Nazrin, Naila, Nijat, Oktay, Raiz, Rauf, Raul, Rafig, Gudrat,  Said, Selcan, Selay, Shahi, Shamil and all the BOS pupils who gave us such a warm welcome and helped to make Book Day 2013 so memorable! We hope to see you again soon.

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  1. Was an enjoyable day for the kids at BOS. They loved Mike and his uncanny sense of humour:-) A memorable day for all at Baku Oxford. Happy writing Mike!!!


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